De-Hao Tsai
Title Professor and Chairman
Name De-Hao Tsai
Office Tel No. 03-5715131 ext42507 / Lab分機#33620
Area Frontier Materials / Chemical Process Engineering
Speciality Colloid and interface science; Particle technology; aerosol technology;
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Country School Name Department Degree Duration
USA University of Maryland Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D 2002.09 ~ 2007.12
Taiwan (ROC) National Tsing Hua University Chemical Engineering Master of Science 1998.09 ~ 2000.06
Taiwan (ROC) National Cheng Kung University Chemical Engineering Bachelor of science 1994.09 ~ 1998.06
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
National Institute of Standards and Technology Material Measurement Laboratory Research Scientist 2009.06 ~ 2013.07
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation Particle Technology Group Research Scientist 2008.02 ~ 2009.03