Full-time faculty members

  • Title : Professor and Vice Chairman
  • Name : De-Hao Tsai
  • Email : dhtsai@mx.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5715131 ext42507 / Lab分機#33620
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  • Speciality : Colloid and interface science; Particle technology; aerosol technology;
  • Title : Professor
  • Name : Rong-Ming Ho
  • Email : rmho@mx.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5738349 / Lab分機#33621
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  • Personal Website : https://rmho49.wixsite.com/ho-research-group
  • Speciality : The central theme of our research laboratory is the Frontier Polymer Research. Current research objectives include: ■ Self-assembly Behavior of Block Copolymers and Supramolecules ■ Nanomaterials from Block Copolymers and Supramoleucles ■ Organic Nanopatterning Technology ■ Crystallization Behavior of Crystallizable Block Copolymers
  • Title : Professor
  • Name : CHI-CHANG HU
  • Email : cchu@che.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5736027/ Lab分機#33623
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  • Personal Website : http://mx.nthu.edu.tw/~cchu/
  • Speciality : Electrochemical energy storage materials: Design and tailoring of nanostructured materials for the applications of supercapacitors, rechargeable batteries, solar cells, and solar water splitting are the main research interest in my laboratory. We mainly focus on the methods of electrochemical deposition, sol-gel, hydrothermal, chemical precipitation, and templated-assistant routes for materials preparation. The relationships among preparation, textural characteristics, and applications of electrode materials are tried to establish. Electrochemical nanotechnologies: We focus on designing/tailoring nanostructures (particulates, thin films, wire, tubes, or composites) of metals, alloys, oxides, and semiconductors with novel optical, electronic, catalytic properties in the applications of photovoltaic, optical-electronic, anticorrosive, and field-emission devices. Electroplating and surface finishing: We focus on the electroplating methods of lead-free solders, metal/alloy bumping for the flip-chip technology, and hard chromium deposits from the plating solutions containing trivalent chromium ions. Quality engineering and DOE: We employ the applied statistics and experimental design strategies (design of experiments, DOE) to effectively screen out the key factors in optimizing the chemical processes. The experimental design strategies include the fractional factorial design (FFD), the path of steepest ascent/decent, central composite design (CCD), mixture design, and Taguchi method coupled with the response surface methodology (RSM).
  • Title : Professor and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Name : Sinn-Wen Chen
  • Email : swchen@mx.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5721734/ Lab分機#62059
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  • Personal Website : http://www2.che.nthu.edu.tw/~mpl/
  • Speciality : Our research interests are studying phase equilibria, phase transformation and thermodynamics of inorganic materials. The knowledge is then applied to the understanding of materials systems and manufacturing processes. The materials currently under investigations are Pb-free solders in electronics, IR-transmitted optical glasses and metallic dental alloys. Major efforts include determinations of the isothermal sections and liquidus projections both experimentally and theoretically, study of the reactive wetting phenomena between the molten metals and substrates, and investigations of the interfacial reactions at joints. The most exciting research topic currently being carried out is the exploration of the electromigration effects upon the interfacial reactions at solder joints in the electronic products. The passage of electric currents through metallic joints has resulted various unique phenomena which are of both academic and industrial importance.
  • Title : Professor
  • Name : Show-An Chen
  • Email : sachen@che.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5715131-35700/ Lab分機#35718
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  • Personal Website : http://www2.che.nthu.edu.tw/~ShowAnChen/
  • Speciality : Design/synthesis of conjugated conductive polymers and related devices On-going research topics are: ■ Molecular design, synthesis, and emission mechanism of electroluminescent polymers and their application in light emitting display. ■ Polymer solar cell. ■ Polymer field effect transistor and its integration with flat panel display. ■ Polymer memory device.
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Name : Tung-Han Yang
  • Email : tunghanyang@mx.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5715131分機33622/Lab分機#33694
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  • Personal Website : https://sites.google.com/view/nanocrystals
  • Speciality : Synthesis, Characterization, and Mechanistic Understanding of Nanocrystal Materials.
    Nanocrystal Materials for Green Energy and Catalysis.
    Design of Chemical Reactors for Scalable Production of Nanocrystal Materials

Professor, Jointly Appointed

Tsing Hua Honorary Chair Professor

  • Title : Honorary Chair Professor
  • Name : James Wei

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Adjunct Professors

Emeritus Professor

  • Title : Honorary Professor
  • Name : I-Ming Chu
  • Email : imchu@che.nthu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-5713704/ Lab分機#33697
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  • Speciality : ■ Animal cell cultivation ■ Stem cell expansion and applications ■ Liposomal drug delivery system ■ Biomedical application of poly(anhydride)