Sinn-Wen Chen
Title Professor
Name Sinn-Wen Chen
Office Tel No. 03-5721734/ Lab分機#62059
Area Frontier Materials / Energy and Environmental Research
Speciality Our research interests are studying phase equilibria, phase transformation and thermodynamics of inorganic materials. The knowledge is then applied to the understanding of materials systems and manufacturing processes. The materials currently under investigations are Pb-free solders in electronics, IR-transmitted optical glasses and metallic dental alloys. Major efforts include determinations of the isothermal sections and liquidus projections both experimentally and theoretically, study of the reactive wetting phenomena between the molten metals and substrates, and investigations of the interfacial reactions at joints. The most exciting research topic currently being carried out is the exploration of the electromigration effects upon the interfacial reactions at solder joints in the electronic products. The passage of electric currents through metallic joints has resulted various unique phenomena which are of both academic and industrial importance.
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Country School Name Department Degree
R.O.C National Taiwan University Chemical Engineering B.S.
U.S.A University of Wisconsin-Madison Materials Science M.S.
U.S.A University of Wisconsin-Madison Materials Science Ph.D.
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
University of Wisconsin-Madison Materials science and Engineering Department Visiting Professor 2007.08 ~ 2007.12
2004.08 ~ 2007.07
TMS Alloy Phase Committee Chairperson 2004.03 ~ 2006.03
2004.01 ~ 2005.12
2003.02 ~ 2005.12
2003.02 ~ 2005.02
2002.12 ~ 2005.12
Ecole Polytechnique de l''universite de Nantes Laboratoire Genie des materiaux Invited Professor 2002.06 ~ 2002.07
TMS Alloy Phase Committee Vice chair 2002.03 ~ 2004.03
IUMRS Facets Editor 2000.11 ~ 2006.12
Lehigh University Visiting Scholar 2000.06 ~ 2000.08
2000.04 ~ 2001.07
1998.02 ~ 2004.06
1995.06 ~ 2006.12
1992.02 ~ 1997.07
Alcoa Research Center Molten Metal Processing Division Senior Scientist 1991.04 ~ 1992.01
University of Wisconsin-Madison Materials Science and Engineering Department Research Associate 1990.08 ~ 1991.03