Rong-Ming Ho
Title Professor
Name Rong-Ming Ho
Office Tel No. 03-5738349 / Lab分機#33621
Area Polymer Science and Engineering
Speciality The central theme of our research laboratory is the Frontier Polymer Research. Current research objectives include: ■ Self-assembly Behavior of Block Copolymers and Supramolecules ■ Nanomaterials from Block Copolymers and Supramoleucles ■ Organic Nanopatterning Technology ■ Crystallization Behavior of Crystallizable Block Copolymers
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Country School Name Department Degree
U.S.A University of Akron Ph.D.
R.O.C National Sun Yet-Sen University Chemical Engineering M.S.
R.O.C University of Akron Chemical Engineering B.S.
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
National Tsing Hua University Distinguished Professor 2009.06 ~ 2014.03
National Tsing Hua University Professor 2006.06 ~ 2009.06
National Tsing Hua University Associate Professor 2002.06 ~ 2006.06
National Chung Hsing University Associate Professor 2001.06 ~ 2002.06
National Chung Hsing University Assistant Professor 1997.06 ~ 2001.06
University of Minnesota Postdoctoral Fellow 1996.06 ~ 1997.06
University of Akron Postdoctoral Fellow 1995.06 ~ 1996.06
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Off-campus Excellence 2013 NSC Outstanding Research Award National Science Council