Procedure for Doctoral Degree Examination

  • 2019-11-11
  • 洛彤
 Procedure for Doctoral Degree Examination
Procedure Instructions
(2 weeks before the defense date)
1. Academic Information Systems Click “Application System of The Oral Defense”, then “Start to apply”. Submit the application after entering relevant information and the system will automatically send notification to the Department Office for qualification review. Submit The application form of PhD Candidate, Committee members of oral defense for Doctoral Degree, Notification, Transcripts with official Registration Office stamp, Advisor's recommendation letter, Publication List, Thesis similarity report and Thesis/Dissertation Affidavit  to the Department Office.
*Students that are enrolled after 2019 academic year (including) shall prepare the Thesis Similarity Report for Doctoral Degree Examination.
2. Print out the Committee members' approval form, The score sheet of oral defense, Form of Thesis result, employment contract from the Academic Information Systems after the approval of qualification review.
Final defense 1. The oral defense committee shall comprise five to nine members, of which the external examiner shall be more than one-third.
2. The advisor is an ex officio member, but cannot serve as the chair. The chair of the committee shall be nominated by the members. Submit the committee members' approval form and the score sheet of oral defense to all of the committee members on the day of oral defense. If the Thesis title is changed, make a necessary correction in both the Academic Information System and the hard copies of the approval form as well as the recommendation letter. Finally, submit the revised form with advisor’s signature to the Department Office.
3. Oral defense : Please prepare the following documents: (Ms. Kuo)
(1) Each committee member should fill out documents of receipt and Remittance Consent individually (fill out the place highlighted in yellow, only external committee member needs to fill the Remittance Consent.). Please offer the information of bank account. (cover page of the bankbook).
(2) There is no need to hand Remittance Consent, if the external committee member had signed it before. If further documents are required, student will be asked to contact the committee member.
(3) If you need a parking license, please come to the department office.

*The university will pay the oral exam fee of five committee members for each student. The Department Office will subsidize total NTD 500 for lunch of five committee members and the exceeding cost will be paid by personal funds of the advisor.
After final defense 1. Submit the hard copies of  Committee members’ approval form, the original score sheet of oral defense and Form of Thesis result to the Department Office.
2. Please return the documents of Committee members of oral defense for Doctoral Degree/receipt/ Remittance Consent /cover page of the bankbook to the Department Office after final defense. (Oral exam fee will be paid to the account of committee member or the person who paid in advance will be reimbursed after school procedures.)
3. Submit Thesis from library webpage.
Graduation procedure 1. Press the Graduation Process in the Academic Information System, and complete all steps.
2. Submit Thesis to the Department Office (for submission to the Division of Registration) three days before receiving the diploma. Additionally, if it is necessary to apply for a delay in the public release of the National Library, both the National Library Delayed Public Release Application Form and supporting documents must be submitted. These supporting documents may include records of patent applications, and in cases where submission is planned but relevant proof documents are not yet available, reference to the attached Delayed Public Release Proof Document is also acceptable.
3. Department: Fill in NTHU CHE leaving school checklist and Questionnaire for graduates , and complete all steps.
*National Tsing Hua University Doctoral Degree Exam Statutes:
*Relevant regulations for graduation (Division of Registration):