Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

  • 2019-11-11
  • 洛彤
According to the Doctoral Program Regulations:

Submit a doctoral thesis research proposal, and upon approval by the Review Committee comprising 3-5 professors, make a public oral presentation and submit to oral examination by the Committee members. The advisor cannot chair the Review Committee.

Submit application form to the Department Office one week before the oral defense.

The oral defense is open to teachers and students. A total average of 70 points is the passing grade for the oral defense, and students who fail the exam must wait at least three months before re-take.

※To pay the exam fee from Supervisor’s overheads, please prepare the following documents: (Ms. Ko #33612)
【Before proposal】
1.Confirm and ask Supervisor to sign the agreement of paying exam fee from overheads.
2.Each committee member should fill out documents of receipt and agreement of extramural of remittance individually (fill out the place highlighted in yellow). Please offer information of bank account. (cover page of the bankbook)
*There is no need to hand in the agreement of extramural of remittance, if the external examiner had signed it before. If further documents are required, student will be asked to contact the committee member.
【After proposal】
Hand in documents of Supervisor’s agreement, receipt, agreement of extramural of remittance, and cover page of the bankbook to the Department Office. The person who paid in advance will be reimbursed after school procedures.