Standards for First Foreign Language

  • 2019-11-11
  • 洛彤
National Tsing Hua University Department of Chemical Engineering Doctoral Program Graduation Standards for First Foreign Language
Revised on November 17, 1989
Revised on September 17, 1990
Revised on October 14, 1991
Revised on November 9, 1992
 Revised on August 12, 2002
Revised on October 16, 2006
Revised on February 18, 2008
Revised on March 10, 2008
 Revised on May 10, 2021
1.       The Department’s first Foreign Language refers to English.
2.       If English Proficiency Test was taken:
(1) TOEFL iBT must score 65 points or above.
(2) TOEFL CBT must score 183 points or above.
(3) TOEIC must score 673 points or above.
(4) IELTS must score 5.5 or above.
3.       Students passing foreign language assessment tests may present proof (for the last seven years) to the Department for assessment application.
4.       If English is chosen as an elective, 4 credits of language courses which course number begins with LANG 3 or above should be taken, and score 70 or above. Application for assessment may be submitted to the Department at the beginning of the next semester following completion of the 4 credits. 
5.       Students who received bachelor degree (or above) or had done research more than six months (including) in English-speaking countries may submit proof for assessment application.
6.       Upon approval, these regulations are applicable to doctoral students admitted after the 2021 academic year (inclusive).