Master Thesis Proposal

  • 2019-11-11
  • 洛彤
Department of Chemical Engineering Master Thesis Proposal
Date: Revised on December 20, 1988
Date: Revised on June 21, 1993
Date: Revised on April 14, 1997
Date: Revised on December 8, 2003
Date: Revised on October 13, 2008
Date: Revised on November 2, 2020
  1. Each candidate should select an area of research interest and consult with his or her advisor. After careful deliberation, analysis and extensive literature review, formulate a specific proposal, such as innovative experimental methods, theory and applications, new processes, products or programming design. The proposal should include:
    (1) Title (2) Abstract (3) Scope and purpose (4) Literature review (5) Research methods (6) Preliminary findings (7) Expected results, and (8) Conclusion and prospect
  1. The proposal must be first reviewed and approved by three-member committee, then orally presented in front of the committee and audiences, followed by defense with the committee. The three-member committee recruited by supervisor is composed of supervisor and others who have the qualification of master oral exam.
  1. Time and date of the defense should be determined by supervisor once every semester. It should be held before October 31 in fall semester and before April 30 in spring semester (for spring semester enrollment/for those wishing to graduate within 1.5 years). The test is about an hour for each student, including half hour for presentation and another half hour for defense. The proposal is not within the deadline in case of postponements (for one semester or more).
  1. Submit the application form to the Department Office one week before the defense date. The oral exam is open to both professors and students.
  1. The overall average passing score is 70. If scores given by two of the committee members are less than 70, the thesis is a no-pass even though the average score is more than 70. The score sheet must be submitted to the Department Office before November 10 or May 10.
  1. If student fail the oral exam, a make-up exam should be conducted within 2 months. If the research topic is changed, the review committee may also be changed and the scoring remain the same as the previous test. If the topic remains unchanged, the review committee cannot be changed, and the total average score cannot exceed 75 points.
  1. After six months, the candidate who have passed the master thesis proposal can apply the master degree examination.
  1. These bylaws shall come into effect upon ratification at the Department meeting. The same shall apply when amendments are made.