Apply for the Ph.D Qualification Assessment (9/2-9/12)

  • 2019-08-14
  • Digital Ruling

108學年度上學期博士班資格檢定申請 Apply for the Ph.D Qualification Assessment (9/2-9/12)


請於9/2-9/12期間送至系辦公室 Please submit the documents to department office during 9/2-9/12


各項規定與申請書請至以下連結下載 The regulations and the application form for each items can be checked by following links


化工系博士班修讀辦法 Department of Chemical Engineering Doctoral Program Regulations

資格考課程 Doctorate Qualification Courses

第一外國語 First foreign language

公開演講 Public lecture

申請資料 Documents for application:
資格考課程 Doctorate Qualification Courses:申請書 Application form、成績單 Transcripts (請用螢光筆標示申請科目)

第一外國語 First foreign language:申請書 Application form、證明文件 Certificate or supporting documents (如為修課請用螢光筆標示申請科目)

公開演講 Public lecture:申請書 Application form、演講單位秩序冊 Programs of Conference (

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