Ph.D. Degree Programs Course Selection Regulations

  • 2019-11-11
  • 洛彤
Ph.D. Degree Programs Course Selection Regulations
Update: May., 2019
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Academic Regulations (Academic Regulations Article 55)
Graduate students shall take at least one course (including thesis/dissertation, thesis/dissertation study), or shall be deemed withdrawal from study.
(Academic Regulations Article 58)
For graduate students at the doctoral level, a minimum of 18 course credits is required further to the dissertation. Of all the course credits taken, at least 12 shall fall within the area of specialization. Graduate students who proceed to the doctoral degree program shall complete at least 30 course credits of which 24 or more shall fall within the area of specialization.
Advisor Doctoral students must choose a thesis advisor from professors approved by the Department before the end of the first academic year. The spouse, kindred within the 3rd tier under the civil law, or relatives from marriages to the graduate students shall not act as the academic advisor.
Department’s Regulation Doctoral students must complete at least 18 credits of which at least 9 credits must be courses offered by the Department. (except thesis and seminar (4 credits)) Students who proceed to the doctoral degree program directly (without having master degree) shall complete at least 30 course credits of which at least 12 credits must be courses offered by the Department. (except thesis and seminar (4 credits))
Thesis course is required for doctoral students and be took since second semester year. At least 4 credits (4 semesters) of seminar courses are required, and students who do not have a master’s degree in chemical engineering are required to take the required courses which are listed in the Department’s master’s program.(Please refer to the Department’s master’s program regulations).
Course Selection Regulations Course selection for doctorial students should be chosen according to the nature of the thesis approved by their thesis advisors.
Doctorial students can only take the courses starting with code “5”; undergraduate courses starting with a code “4” cannot be accredited and courses which were already taken during the undergraduate/master program (within 15 years) cannot be taken again. (except the courses which were taken in other university)
The course which starting with a code “4” can be accredited for master student but if master student pursuits PhD degree directly, these code (with a code “4”) cannot be accredited.
The credit of “Technical and Scientific English Writing” courses starting with code “5” can be accredited into the required credits for graduation. However, selecting other language courses or non-technical courses shall not be accredited.
Not Chemical Engineering Background For those doctorial students whose majors are not Chemical Engineering (in master program) should take Chemical Engineering Principles I and II. For relevant exemptions, please refer to the MS Academic Rules.
These courses are included in the required 18 credits.
Seminar The credits of seminar course for doctorial students are not included in the required 18 credits.
If student in master program pursuits PhD degree directly, the credits of seminar course can be accredited, but the maximum accredited credits for seminar course is 4 credits.
Credit exemption: Foreign students can use English seminar (E 500100) to exempt seminar course in our department; native students are limited to one-time exemption. (105.10.17 Department Affairs Meeting)
Academic  Research Ethics Education Students that are enrolled in the graduate and doctorate programs starting from (including) the 2015 Fall semester must complete National Tsing Hua University Academic Research Ethics Education Course before the end of the first year of his/her enrollment. This course is a 0 credit, mandatory course. Each student that has taken this course must obtain at least a passing grade for the course’s test. The students that have not completed this course are not allowed to apply for their Oral Defense.
Interschool Course Selection All compulsory courses offered by the Department must be taken in the Department (or other related departments in the University), and shall not be taken in other schools.
Master’s or doctoral students taking courses in other colleges are limited to 6 credits/semester.
The maximum credits for students in the Department (including master and doctoral students) taking selective courses in other schools are limited to a total maximum of 1/3 (inclusive) the compulsory credits for graduation. Credits exceeding the limit will not be counted for the Department’s compulsory credits for graduation.
Doctoral Degree Examination Students that are enrolled after 2019 academic year (including) should prepare the Thesis Similarity Report for Doctoral Degree Examination.
Announcement from Division of Registration:
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