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  This is a image尖端材料(Advanced Materials)    This is a image尖端製程(Advanced Process Technology)   This is a image 生物技術(Biotechnology)     

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高分子科學與工程(PolymerScience and Engineering)       This is a image能源與環境 (Energy and Environmental Technology)

朱一民  I-Ming Chu
宋信文 Hsing-Wen Sung胡育誠  Yu-Chen Hu李育德  Yu-Der Lee王潔  Jane Wang沈若樸  Claire Roa-Pu Shen
Biotechnology is one of the emerging thrust area in the Department of Chemical Engineering aiming to address the current energy, environmental, and medical challenges. Current research efforts in the NTHU chemical engineering department focus on gene therapy, tissue engineering, vaccine development, stem cell application, drug delivery, biomaterials, nano-medicine, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and microbial/renewable production of commodity chemicals. There are currently six professors working in these interdisciplinary areas to link chemical engineering and biotechnology for the discovery of novel functions and applications.