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  尖端材料(Advanced Materials)    尖端製程(Advanced Process Technology)    生物技術(Biotechnology)     

高分子科學與工程(PolymerScience and Engineering)       能源與環境 (Energy and Environmental Technology)

汪上曉  David Shan-Hill Wong周更生Kan-Sen Chou、姚遠Yuan Yao馬振基Chen-Chi M. Ma鄭西顯Shi-Shang Jang劉大佼Ta-Jo Liu衛子健Wei Tzu-Chien蔡德豪De-Hao Tsai

An advance manufacturing process has the ability to manufacture high quality products efficiently, sustainably and safely as well as flexibly adapting to market environment. To achieve the above goal, we need to develop experimentally advanced unit operations and novel catalysts, as well as to use theoretical tools such as computer simulation and statistical analysis to study design, optimization, control and monitoring of such processes. Our studies cover a wide range of areas in manufacturing such as petrochemicals, polymer processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and carbon capture and utilization.