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Energy and Environmental Technology

This is a image尖端材料(Advanced Materials)    This is a image尖端製程(Advanced Process Technology)   This is a image 生物技術(Biotechnology)     

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高分子科學與工程(PolymerScience and Engineering)       This is a image能源與環境 (Energy and Environmental Technology)


呂世源Shih-Yuan Lu周更生Kan-Sen Chou胡啟章Chi-Chang Hu馬振基Chen-Chi M. Ma陳信文Sinn-Wen Chen談駿嵩Chung-Sung Tan段興宇Hsing-Yu Tuan堀江正樹Masaki Horie衛子健Wei Tzu-Chien沈若樸  Claire Roa-Pu Shen

There are 10 professors dedicating to the development of clean alternative energy sources (solar cells, biofuels, green hydrogen production, thermoelectrics, fuel cells), high performance energy storage devices (lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors), and pollutant control and utilization (capture and reuse of CO2, degradation and conversion of pollutants). These efforts interact closely with developments of advanced materials, precision process engineering, and biotechnology conducted in the department.