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  This is a image尖端材料(Advanced Materials)    This is a image尖端製程(Advanced Process Technology)   This is a image 生物技術(Biotechnology)     

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高分子科學與工程(PolymerScience and Engineering)       This is a image能源與環境 (Energy and Environmental Technology)

呂世源Shih-Yuan Lu宋信文Hsing-Wen Sung周更生Kan-Sen Chou胡啟章Chi-Chang Hu段興宇Hsing-Yu Tuan陳信文Sinn-Wen Chen堀江正樹Masaki Horie衛子健Wei Tzu-Chien蔡德豪De-Hao Tsai

目前本系有9位教授專精於奈米尺度的材料, 領域包括了無機金屬與半導體、膠體介面、高分子、電致發光半導體高分子、生物分高分子之自我組裝、共聚合物、超分子、合成與天然高分子。我們在相關領域研究計畫的數量與金額持續的增加,這反應了我們在此研究於台灣是處於領先地位的。而且研究上也兼具了學術與工業取向的平衡,以及跨領域的研究如生物與奈米粒子的連結製程。

There are 9 professors devoting their research efforts to the most important areas in nano-scale materials, including inorganic metal and semiconductor materials, colloid and interface science, polymer-based nanomaterials, electroluminescent semiconducting polymers, self-assembly of biomacromolecular complexes, copolymers, supramolecules, synthetic and natural biomaterials.  Our excellence of research is reflected by the continually growing number and size of our projects, which is leading in Taiwan by a wide margin with a good balance of academic and industrial-oriented projects, and some interdisciplinary ones that link to biological and nano-particle processes.