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李育德  Yu-Der Lee何榮銘  Rong-Ming Ho馬振基Chen-Chi M. Ma陳壽安Show-An Chen陳信龍Hsin-Lung Chen堀江正樹Masaki Horie3劉大佼Ta-Jo Liu劉英麟Ying-Ling Liu蘇安仲An-Chung Su王潔  Jane Wang


Our department has a great tradition and outstanding performance on polymer science and engineering. More than one-third faulty members are in the related fields, including (i) polymer chemistry and synthesis, (ii) polymer physics and nanostructures, and (iii) polymer engineering and processing.  
Precise and controllable, which is an important issue for the three fields mentioned above, is the core and target of the researches in our department. For polymer chemistry and synthesis, the main work is establishing the ability of molecular design and synthesis in the molecular levels so as to obtain the polymers based on the designed structures, the expected properties, and the giving functions. For polymer physics, the work focuses on the resolution and understanding the relationships between the structures in molecular, nanometer, and sub-micrometer scales and the properties and functions of the polymers, as well as the ability to design and control the formation of polymer structures in the above-mentioned scales. For polymer engineering, the work aims to understand the engineering characteristics of polymers and to build up the technical platforms providing systematic solutions to wide-range and various-dimensional polymer engineering problems.
Furthermore, we emphasize on multidisciplinary researches with linking the polymer science and engineering to various applied sciences, such as polymeric materials for organic optoelectronics and microelectronics, key materials and components for energy and environmental technologies, polymeric materials for biomedical and biological technologies, and polymer engineering systems for precision processing and machining. This feature unify the researches on polymer science and engineering and other topics in our department.